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One of the most important moments throughout our life is the moment of our marriage. But every person haw a different idea of the ideal wedding. For some people must be romantic, for others has to be modern, for some others luxurious and for some definitely traditional. There is a solution for all. Having your vision for the ideal wedding, we combine our experience to guide you, so as with a short appointment with us, you will find the ideal carriage for your wedding day.

The regular wedding “package” starts by picking up the bride from her house or any other location nearby the church, or wherever agreed. We drive with the bride and probably her parents to the church. We stay outside the church waiting throughout the whole ceremony and we pick up the couple after the end. We usually take the couple to a short drive, just to give them some time to relax, and we also take time for the pictures taken from your photographer.

The decoration of the carriage is yours to choose so as to much the rest of the ceremony. You make the arrangements with your florist or wedding organizer and we pick up the flowers and fabrics. We are responsible for the installation on the carriage just a few minutes before we pick up the bride.

So, as you can understand the wedding carriage preparation is a procedure that begins a day before the wedding. That’s because we clean and polish the carriage the day before, and we bath and groom the horses the day of the wedding and as said above we decorate a few minutes before picking up the bride. This is the exact procedure we follow for years because it gives us the most unspoiled and fresh outcome in what concerns the beauty of the horses and carriage.

Of course we can provide any kind of flexibility to much your ideal for the day. We have the possibility to serve you in any location. You must only give us an early warning to review the root we must follow and if it has any special demands. You are also given the choice of one, two, or four horses to accompany the carriage to the ceremony.