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Welcome to our site about “Kalliontzis horse carriages”. In our web page you will find plenty of information about horse carriages in Chania and in which way they are used today from Kalliontzis family, who are the people that kept the tradition of carriage driving through many years up to now. You will be given every kind of information about any kind of activity you can have with a horse and carriage, starting with simple drives around the city, or your wedding, your baby’ s christening, a birthday party. You can find information and many photos for just about anything you might be interested in doing and of course, you can communicate with us and book any drive or event you are interested in.



Kalliontzis family

Kalliontzis family is for more than four generations in the profession of carriage driving, originating from Asia Minor. From Asia Minor came the great grandfather of the family, having as destination the city of Chania, continuing of course with the profession he already knew. Besides the experience and tradition that comes with the family there is another significant fact that bonds their history with the carriage driving. There is a period of time that the one and only driver in the city of Chania was Stefanos Kalliontzis, father of Dimitris and Stavros. Nowadays in the possession of the family are seven horse carriages for every occasion one of which is dated back to 1853. This family is “nursed” in this profession and has strong bonds with the horses, which also traditionally are trained from them personally.

Why us

Besides the great experience and tradition Kalliontzis family possesses all the logistics, and also horses which are in the top health condition, perfectly trained. More specifically we give in you the choice among seven horse carriages for every taste, specifically manufactured for the greatest safety of the passenger and of course for the horse. A big range of the harnesses and other equipment are crafted from us, so as to achieve the most perfect interaction with the horse and the carriage and the driver with the horse.

At this very moment Kalliontzis family operates with eight horses. Our horses are in top physical condition, as we are in continuous co-operation with vets and the veterinary compartment of our city. We have all the necessary documents and health books for each and every one of them.

Another issue of great importance is the training of these horses. That’s why we train our horses ourselves and always use positive approach methods. Our horses are trained to counteract in a calm way with the traffic throughout the city center and also with the crowds, strictly without the use of tranquilizers.